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Autumn Term 2

This term our topic has been North America. In our writing lessons, we have read The Indian in the Cupboard and we wrote our own stories about a toy coming to life! We had lots of fun acting out our stories, especially being the grumpy teacher. Also, we have learnt how to punctuate direct speech in  story writing.



After our stories, we completed a piece of non-fiction discussion writing. Our model text was called Should Little Red Riding Hood be Grounded? Before we learnt the model text we read Little Red Riding Hood and discussed whether she should be grounded or not. Here are the reasons we came up with:

Yes, she should be grounded

No, she shouldn’t be grounded

·       she didn’t stay on the path – took a shortcut through the forest

·       she spoke to a stranger and gave out personal information

·       ate the cakes her mother had baked for granny

·       she picked the flowers and ruined the environment

·       ripped her red cloak

·       dirtied her black, shiny shoes

·       she should have had adult supervision

·       her parents are to blame

·       she only spoke to the wolf because she was bored and lonely

·       she only ate the cakes because she was famished after the long walk

·       she ripped her coat by accident

Then we learnt the structure and types of language used when writing a discussion. Ask us to read you the class text map.


After learning the model text, we worked in groups to debate and discuss the following questions.

Should Goldilocks be fined for stealing from the bears?

Should Jack be imprisoned for stealing from the giant?

Should the Troll be imprisoned for threatening behaviour towards the goats?




During our topic lessons, we located the continent North America and discovered the main countries in North America are USA, Canada and Mexico. We learnt the USA is made up of states and we tried to name as many as possible. We looked at famous landmarks in the USA and decided whether they were human or physical features. Then we concentrated on New York. During our computing lessons, we made a power point about things to do and what the weather is like in New York. We learnt how to add a new slide, copy and paste pictures from the internet, add a textbox, change the font, change the background, change the order of the slides, add animations and how to add hyperlinks. Take a look at our presentations…





In our art lessons we learnt Native American grandfathers made dreamcatchers for their grandchildren. They hung the dream catcher above the cot and believed the web caught all of the dreams and the good dreams travelled down through the feathers to the child. The bad dreams were trapped in the web. First, we covered a metal hoop in an earthy coloured thread by wrapping it round and round. Then we weaved the centre piece and added beads. Finally, we tied string to the bottom to add more beads and feathers. They looked fabulous.



 For our next piece of art work, we are going to create the New York skyline. First we will focus on the background, then the middle ground and finally the foreground.

**photos to follow**

Also, in the afternoons we have enjoyed our flute and singing lessons. On Wednesday 29th November, we held a concert for Key Stage 1 and our parents. Here are some pictures and videos from the event…


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