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Class 4

Class 4 are the Brilliant Bears and we have Year 5 and 6 children. Our class teacher is Mrs Turner and she is helped by our Teaching Assistant Mrs Morgan.  Mrs White also teaches some of us in the morning and comes into our class two atfternoons a week.

Class 4 London Residential to Celebrate the Queens Birthday.

 Our year 5/6 pupils have had a wonderful yet busy time in London. They visited Harry Potter World  before sightseeing in inner city London, where they were able to listen to a live orchestra in Trafalgar Square. On Friday they visited Buckingham Palace in time for the Queens Birthday celebrations, they even spotted the Queens car leaving the Palace! The trip ended with a tour of London and a relaxed picnic in Hyde Park. Mrs Gratton, Mrs Turner and Mrs Morgan are incredibly proud of their behaviour and attitude throughout the trip. Please see our gallery below to view the fantastic experience...

Shirebrook Academy Maths Challenge

On Wednesday 3rd February, a team of our year 5 and 6 children attended the annual Shirebrook Academy Maths Inter-School Competition. There were a number of challenges, including recognising the well known maths phrase from picture clues, general maths questions and building a container to hold water if stranded on a desert island. Everyone had a fantastic time at the event, got a goody bag at the end of the competition and learnt how maths can be made into a fun competition. Take a look below to see a picture of our team working their grey matter!

Persuasive Argument

Throughout the week commencing 18th January, our year 6 children have been learning about how to prepare and present a persuasive argument. This culminated in writing and then presenting their arguments for or against the development of a new football stadium within a local town. Each child could decide to argue for, against or present a balanced argument based on the potential impacts e.g. local jobs, bringing business and money into the local area, the impact on local wildlife, traffic and other issues. Please see the gallery below for pictures of our year 6 children presenting their views.

Bamboo Tamboo Concert

For almost the entire autumn half term, Class 4 have been improving their musical abilities using Bamboo Tamboo instruments. Bamboo Tamboo is a form of music from the Caribbean Islands of Trinidad and Tobago. It combines hitting a plastic tube onto the ground, whilst also hitting it with a beater. On 11th January 2016, our children showed off their skills in a concert for their parents, as well as the rest of the school. Strangely, many of their favourite songs incorporated food, such as fish and chips, bourbons, custard creams and jammie dodgers. However, they did also show some of the culture they have gained a better understanding of with songs based on the Roman Empire and African slavery. Please see the gallery below for some photographs from the afternoon. 

Holocaust Centre Visit

During the weeks commencing  7th and 14th December, Class 4 had the opportunity to undertake some really interesting work in conjunction with The National Holocaust Centre & Museum. This involved examining how prejudice impacts on the lives of people, as well as what actions can be taken to be more inclusive and show greater understanding to those we perceive as different. In addition to this, the children undertook a visit to The National Holocaust Centre & Museum to learn about 'Leo's Journey'. This is the story of one young Jewish German boy who travelled on the Kindertransport (Children's Transport) from Germany to the UK before the outbreak of World War II. It explained how he, his family and others in Germany were disciminated against purely on the basis of their religious beliefs. During this fantastic visit, the children actually got to speak with a gentleman, Steven Mendelsson, who travelled to England on the Kindertransport. Following that, the children completed a piece of work from Leo's point of view, describing how he may have felt when he first arrived in England from Germany.

Please click here to see Tia Howard's amazing conclusion to Leo's Journey.

Lexia Reading Core 5

Lexia Reading Core 5 is a reading, spelling and comprehension program that the school has purchased 50 licences for Key Stage 2 children. The majority of these are used by our Upper Key Stage 2 children, which they use within school. In addition to this, they're provided with details to enable them to access the program from their home computers and tablets. The results have been amazing, with some children making 2 years worth of progress in reading, spelling and comprehension in only 39 weeks! Click below to see some of our pupils using this wonderful aid to their learning.

Poulter Park Sculpture Unveiling

On Tuesday 24th November, our Year 6 children visited Poulter Country Park to take part in the unveiling of the finished woolly rhinocerous horns and scimitar cat tooth sculptures. Although it was an extremely cold and wet afternoon, the children were delighted to see the finished pieces of art that will be at the centre of their community for years to come.

Poulter Park Initial Visit

On Thursday 22nd October, our Year 6 children visited Poulter Country Park following their work with a local artist prior to the summer holidays. They completed some sketches of the on-going rhinoceros horns sculpture and surrounding countryside. Afterwards, they carved outlines of their hands into the surrounding wall being built as part of the sculpture. It was an enjoyable morning and a wonderful opportunity to see how art can be used as a centrepiece of the local community.


On Monday 28th September and Wednesday 30th September 2015, our Year 5 children took part in Bikeability. This project aims to educate and allow children to ride on local roads under supervision and in safe circumstances, so that they can go on to use these skills on their journey to, from and outside school. Just some of the skills they learn are how to care for their bike, the importance of using and wearing safety equipment, adopting a safe position on the road, how to approach and safely pass obstacles on the road, as well as how to turn into and out of junctions. All the children really enjoyed the experience, receiving a certificate to show they have the necessary skills to maintain their own and other road users' safety.

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