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Meet Our Bassett Sports Crew

The Bassett Sports Crew are Morgan, Caitlin, Darcie, Kelsie, Niamh, Grace and Cameron. They meet every week to organise sports and sport competitions in school. They are currently working on ordering new equipment and organising sports day 2016. 


**Update** Our Sports Crew have recently purchased a new badminton net, meaning a change to the competition calendar. We will now be holding volley ball and badminton competitions this term.

Sport at Bassett

Mini-leaders at Langwith Bassett

At lunch times we are lucky enough to have a fantastic group of mini-leaders who organize and lead intra-sport competition for KS1 and 2 children. Their role as mini-leaders is to set up different games, activities and competitions, as well as keeping our children active in their play. The children spend 2 lunchtimes teaching new skills, before setting up mini competitions later in the week. Some of our most popular sports include cricket, tennis and ball skills, together with activities such as obstacle courses, What's the Time Mr Wolf? and Follow the Leader. The children have access to sports equipment such as rackets and balls, hula hoops, mini-golf and tennis nets. we are also linking our Change for Life programme to our mini-leaders as a part of our Active Lunchtimes. 

Jessica, one of our KS1 mini-leaders, talked about why she enjoys her lunchtimes; 'It's good because I learn how to set up the new games and the other children can get fit with us!'

Grace, a KS2 mini-leader discussed the benefits of mini-leaders to the school; 'It's all about people getting the chance to play everyday...they can just join in when they want. if you are a mini-leader you learn how to work as a team and how to be a good leader.'

Please view the gallery below to see our mini-leaders and children in action.

Year 5/6 Quad Kids Competition

On Thursday 26th May we took a team of our year 5 and 6 athletes to Shirebrook Academy to compete in the Shirebrook Schools Quad Kids Competition. They took part in four events; howler javelin, standing long jump, 75m sprint and a 600m run. We are so proud of achieving second place. The team performed amazingly! A special mention to Tia Howard for her 1.9m long jump (the longest jump overall in the event) and Zoe Evans for winning the award for best girls javelin throw.

We would like to thank Mr and Mrs Howard for their kind donation to help buy our new PE T-shirts. I think you will all agree that they look so smart!

Please view the image gallery to see the team in action.

**Update** We are proud to announce that our Quad Kids team have been selected to attend the Bolsover District finals on Tuesday 21st June. Good luck to them all.

Boccia Competition

On Thursday 3rd December, Class 4 sent a team of 3 to the Bolsover District Council Boccia competition.  Boccia is a precision ball sport, similar to bowls. The aim of the game is to throw leather balls, either blue or red, as close to the white target ball (or jack) as possible. At the end of each round, the referee measures the distance of the balls closest to the jack and awards points accordingly. Our 3 competitors, Amy Derry, Lily Clements and Bailey Fisher really made our school proud and had some fantastic results on the day.  Please see below for a picture of our children with their medals.

Cross Country Running

Wednesday 4th November was an exciting afternoon for our Class 3 cross country team. They had a fantastic, although quite muddy, afternoon running in the local school's competition at Whaley Thorns Primary School. Everyone showed great team spirit, ran their hearts out and made everyone at the school extremely proud of their performance. Please see the photographs below for some images of our children in action.

Shirebrook Academy Football

Thursday 22nd October was a busy day for Class 4. Our Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in the Bolsover District Small Schools competition. They performed brilliantly as a team, remembering the importance of sportsmanship as they shook the hands of the opposition following each game. Coming third overall (only a point away from second) was a fantastic achievement. See the image gallery to see some photographs of our team.

Five: 60 Skokk Junior Gym

Each morning, between Monday 19th October and Friday 23rd October, Key Stage 2 enjoyed having the Five: 60 Shokk Junior Gym, courtesy of Bolsover District Council and Derbyshire County NHS Trust. Those children who attended the Breakfast Club were able to take part in fantastic activities to get their pulses raised ready for a full day at school, including: a target wall, rowing machine and other assorted gym equipment. Please view the gallery to see some of our Key Stage 2 fitness fanatics.


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